Our task is to get properties located in neighborhoods from East and West Detroit, which have at least 3 bedrooms, basement and, ideally, are built with brick in sight. That are based on its price, resulting in a high return.

We know the areas and streets where the units will be rented quickly and will be appreciated when selling them.


Our Company does not commission nor is it real estate. We buy the units and we remodel them to deliver, new and already rented, thus exempting the investor of any additional expense before the acquired unit begins to generate income.


We operate under the "key in hand" system, taking care to pave all the roads for your purchase, starting with the opening, registration and activation of your own company in the USA (we always suggest an LLC or Limited Liability Company), including all legal documents of ownership of the same, for the subsequent registration of the property acquired on behalf of your LLC.


We also take care of the administration and maintenance of each unit, as well as permanent attention to both clients and tenants.

Monthly, we issue an account summary and deposit the corresponding settlement in the bank account of the LLC that owns the unit.

Jack Echterling

John Schamy

Marcelo Schamy

After graduating from Florida State University, Jack began his real estate career with one of the largest real estate investment companies in the country. He won sales accolades and closed more than $ 7,000,000 in sales in his first 18 months. After the financial collapse in 2008, Jack left the brokerage house and started his first investment company at the age of 27 years.


Jack and his partners acquired more than 34 properties in South FL between 2009-2011.

At the end of 2010, Jack started his second investment company, JWE Equity, to acquire, renovate and sell single-family homes and condominiums. Together with its affiliated companies, it has purchased and resold more than 100 properties for a total of more than $ 36,000,000 in sales.


Today Jack sits on the Buyers Advisory Board of the nation's largest auction house and his properties have appeared in numerous publications including Modern Luxury Magazine. Jack is considered "The" expert in South Florida in the purchase of distressed residential real estate from

$300,000 - $2,000,000 +. The country's largest auction house also included Jack as "Changing the face of real estate." IDG HOMES is Jack's third company that serves both domestic and foreign investors. "This opportunity reminds me of South Florida in 2009 but on steroids". Jack feels so confident about the opportunity in southeastern Michigan that he has moved part-time to suburban Detroit from his home in Miami. He has consistently acquired characteristics 30-50% below current market prices that allows IDG HOMES to rehabilitate, rent and sell these assets to its investors at similar prices. Banks are selling their foreclosures in a distressed state.

Graduated from the University of Florida

in 2014 with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Development.


In his first 12 months working in the local Miami market, he has sold more than $ 5,000,000 in investments and continues to grow his client's portfolio looking for the highest possible profits.


In 2015 he founded J & E Asset Management, which currently manages investments worth more than $15,000,000 in Miami, Fl. As one of the founders of IDG HOMES LLC he has sold more than 50 properties in the first quarter of 2016.


John is growing to become one of Miami's youngest players in the real estate investment world and he is doing so through his successful track record.

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After finishing his studies at the University of Belgrano and beginning his career as a businessman and entrepeneur in the city of Bs. As (Argentina), he decided in 1989 to expand horizons in the United States for a few years after finally establishing his position as a business partner. of the electronics industry (OSMAR ELECTRONICS and Electroland).


Going through other economic activities such as the opening of the first Ricky Sarkany in the USA, he finally ventured into the world of real estate investments after the fall of the market in 2008 and taking advantage of the unique opportunities that were presented.


From that moment he specialized in what is called tangible investments, that is, in physical assets, outside of what were the first line developments points to what really has good economic results.

After the Bankruptcy declaration of Detroit in 2013, Schamy does not hesitate to get involved to apply the already known business models, and it is very easy to project the positive results.

Today, in partnership with John Schamy and Jack Etcherling, they form a strong work team that leads the purchase, refurbishment and sale of units in Detroit, especially in combination with investors from South America who also saw the opportunity from the beginning.

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