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Our company does not operate as a Realtor nor does it charge commissions since we select and buy the units, then refurbish them and deliver them to the already rented investor with a qualified tenant, receiving income immediately is written in your name or that of your company.


We operate under the "turnkey" system, taking care of paving all roads for your purchase from start to finish and at all levels through professionals in each area (administrative, accounting and judicial)

Our sister company DETROIT PREMIER PROPERTY GROUP (DPPGUSA.COM) is in charge of the administration and maintenance of all units.

Jack Echterling

John Schamy

Marcelo Schamy

After graduating from Florida State University Jack began his career in the real estate world, standing out from its beginnings.


After selling more than US $ 7MM in his first 18 months of action, he became independent, founding JWE Equity, performing more than 100 operations for more than US $ 36MM.


For these reasons, he is invited to join the Advisory Board of Property Buyers and later summoned as an advisor to such important sites as "AUCTION.COM".


Starting in 2014 and with vast experience, Jack moved to Detroit to found IDG Homes, together with his partners, achieving optimal results for both the company and investors.

Graduated from the University of Florida

in 2014 with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Real Estate Development.


In his first 12 months working in the local Miami market, he has sold more than $ 5,000,000 in investments and continues to grow his client's portfolio looking for the highest possible profits.


In 2015 he founded J & E Asset Management, which currently manages investments worth more than $15,000,000 in Miami, Fl. As one of the founders of IDG HOMES LLC he has sold more than 50 properties in the first quarter of 2016.


John is growing to become one of Miami's youngest players in the real estate investment world and he is doing so through his successful track record.

After completing his studies as a Bachelor of Systems at the University of Belgrano, in the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), this Mendocino begins his career as a young entrepreneur creating successful companies before extending his horizons by moving to the United States, before 1990 (Osmar Electronics, Electroland USA, Ricky Sarkany Miami among others).


So it was that after the financial debacle of 2008, he became involved in “tangible” investments and began his career in the real estate investments.


Finally, like Jack and John (his son), he sees the opportunity of Detroit and they form a strong alliance to which he adds his extensive career with investors from all over the world to found INVEST DETROIT GROUP (IDG).




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